Tuesday, August 01, 2006

From Prestwick to Lebanon.

The protest at Prestwick airport drew 150 protesters. Considering it was called at short notice for a Sunday when transport is a problem for many, I consider that a success.
Photographs can be accessed on Scotlands Indymedia site which also contains photos of other protests against the Lebanese bombings.
Most of the casualties have benn as they always are in war children. Visit the excellent The Natural Childhood site for more information.
The Herald report can be found here. It's sister paper the Sunday Herald made the Prestwick connection it's fromt page story. It tanspires that the Irish government had refused permission for the flights containing their deadly cargo to land at Shannon airport and they will continue to refuse permission for further flights.
Tony Bliar is quoted as saying that "What happens at Prestwick airport is not going to detemine whether we get a ceasefire in Lebanon."

Duh! Well thank you Tony for those words of wisdom but I think we can work that out for ourselves. But what we can do is make it a bit more difficult for you and your master Bush to aid the Israeli genocide. For that is what it is. Do you think we believe these bombs are intended only for the Lebanese?
The Palestinians concentrated in Gaza are probable targets too and the Iranians and Syrians could very well be on the list.

Expect more protests in Scotland. Especially at the ballot box next year. Scotland will surely now vote for independence. We have no control over Foreign policy and limited input into transport policy and the inadequacies of our devolved parliament are thrown sharply into relief when we consider how ineffective the Scottish executive has been concerning the torture flights and now the transportation of bunker busters and other deadly cargoes through our air space.

The Independence Movement is gathering momentum, I'm pleased to report. A site to visit is Independence First.

Lest anyone thinks that it is only the Scots who object to US and UK complicity in Israeli war crimes read Craig Murrays post Massacres and Wirecutters. The Prestwick flights have been rdirected to an USAF base in Mildenhall, England.
The Green party in Scotland will today make the strongerst possible protest when they meet with the US consul not only over the munitions flights but also the extraordinary renditions flights.

Craig mentions that there will be a demonstration on August 5th. Find details here. This demo is in London.

In Scotland there are other protests planned. Details can be found here at the Edinburgh Stop the War site.

Meanwhile a new prison compound is being built at Guantanamo. Read this report in the Independent.
The prisoners there are fighting back. Read this report on the Cage Prisoners site. Whist there you can read an interview with an ex detainee, Moazzam Begg which he gave to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.
Try to find the time to read Roberts Fisks report on the Lebanon crises and Amy's interview with Noam Chomsky.

From the Information Clearing House comes this link to a story concerning more US kidnappings
US defense secretary Rumsfeld has been called on by the US confgess to surrender documents which show that US forces systematically kidnapped the families of suspected terrorists in order to get them to hand themselves in. He has until Friday to comply. This story recounts the abuse of a sixteen yearold boy who was abused and then shown to hs father to get him to talk.

Another site to visit is a blog by a young Iraqi girl. Bagdad Burning. In her entry for July 11th she writes about the rape of another young Iraqi girl. In writing of the Qana massacre in Lebanon she tells us of her frustration and rage against Israel, the US, Britain, Iran and most of Europe. The UN has become an organisation of gravediggers she says.

Have you written to your representatives? Please do it now if you haven't. This site will help you get your message through. Write to Them.

If you are a blogger link to Bloggers Against Torture. If not then send the link to bloggers you know of.

Spread the word. It's so important that the victims and families of victims know that there are people all over the world fighting their corner. Show your solidarity.

Secretary of State Rice played piano as Lebanon was bombed and Tony Blair went looking for his next job.

When I was a child, on learning of the Nazi extermination camps I asked my Father what he did to stop it happening. He was too young to fight. My children know that I am trying in my own limited way to join with the millions of people all over the globe in trying to stop The Project for the New American Century fulfilling it's aims for total world domination.

How will you answer your children and granchildren?