Friday, July 28, 2006

Prestwick. Gateway to Hell

Once again Prestwick airport has hit the headlines. Not only has this airport been used as a staging post for torture flights but we now discover that US planes which are transporting weapons of death and terror, are stopping off there for servicing, before reaching their final destination, Israel.

Strictly speaking the final destination is Lebanon. The bombs, known as bunker busters, were used to destroy a UN peacekeepers observation post, resulting in the deaths of four peacekeepers.

Unlike the campaign to halt the torture flights, which took time to build up steam, this new deceitful and shameful action of the US has resulted in an immediate uproar.

The people of Prestwick, Ayrshire, and Scotland are not accepting this happening without protest. Poiticians who were slow to acknowledge the torture flights crime have speedily and vocally denounced this recent US war crime.
Read the report in the Glasgow Herald.

Margaret Becket, the UK foreign minister, is concerned that the proper paperwork had not been completed, but many others including MSP's know that the issue is far greater than a bureaucratic oversight.

The people of Scotland do not want to be associated with this incredibly aggressive and brutal war.

I have every faith that we shall bring an end to our complicity in US/Israeli aggression against the Lebanese people.

Tony Bliar meets with George Bush today to discuss amongst other things the munitions flights. The conversation is likely to be along the lines of, 'Yo, Blair, here boy. Good boy. (Pat pat.) Roll over for Georgey. Here, have a cowboy hat. That will give you something to chew on when the going gets tougher back in the old country.'

Just google 'Yo Blair' and 'Prescott cowboy hat', if you are puzzeled.

There have been many pictures of the dead and wounded in this most recent human tragedy in the Middle East but the one that pierced my heart is one which I see as a 21st century Madonna and son.

There are more shocking photographs on the ICH site but this one is now imprinted in my mind for life. I cry as I am writing this.
I can hold my sons in my arms, unlike tens of thousands of other mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters now lie dead and buried in the east but in many other countries on this suffering planet.

Bunker busters, cluster bombs, phosphorous and sonic bombs are all being used to kill, maim and wound and terrorise the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples. The fabric of their countries are being destroyed with the bombing of bridges, roads, schools and housing. People have fled the cities and refugees are trying any way they can to get to Syria and Iran. But there is every reason to believe that Syria and Iran are on the US hit list.
It seems that there can be no peace for the people who live in the countries the US has described as the Axis of Evil.
We know the Iraq war is all about the US securing massive oil deposits for their energy hungry nation and the massive oil dollars it brings to the economicaly and politicaly powerful corporations.
But it looks like the Lebenese invasion could be about oil too. Read this article.

People all over the globe are recognising that our world and all forms of life are under threat of destruction and possible extinction but are fighting back.

From the Scottish Orkney Isles to the rail workers in Austrailia, From the social and political movements in South America to the Peace movements in the US and UK.

Use your voice and join with us. Just spend five minutes at your computer to write to your representatives whichever part of the world you are in.

Do it now, while you are reading this.

Once again I will justify nimbyism. The residents of Prestwick and Ayrshire are screaming to bring an end to our backyard being used to bring death and destruction to innocent people.

Join with us.

Write to your MSP, MP and European MP demanding an end to our country being used as the US's aircraft carrier.

This site will help you to get your message through. Write to them. Adapt it to suit. Let me know how you get on.

Here is an example of a letter to an Ayrshire MP from Ian.

Wednesday 26 July 2006

Dear Katy Clark,

I contacted you last year regarding the then 'alleged' rendition
flights going through Prestwick Airport and you sent me a very
encouraging and positive response in which you outlined your own

Since then, the EU has provided definitive evidence that the flights
were 'real'.

Now, the US is using our constituency's airport to 'rest' air-crews
carrying laser-guided 'bunker-busting' bombs to Israel (reported on
last night's World Service 1.00 a.m. news and further detailed in
today's Telegraph)

You will be aware of what's happening in Southern Lebanon, so you will
also know what those weapons are going to be used for and the
likelihood of 'collateral damage' i.e. children being blown to bits in
front of their parents, Red Cross ambulances being targetted, UN
observers being repeatedly bombed etc etc etc.

The people of Scotland generally (and Ayrshire more specifically) are
not known for their support of war crimes generally (and child-killing
specifically) and I hope you will make good on your previous promises
to see these flights stopped before we all become further drawn into
complicity with major war crimes.

Please do something today. I don't expect or need any feedback or
further details of how concerned you are. Please just do something to
help stop it e.g. lobby your colleagues to call for an immediate

Many thanks for your attention,

Yours sincerely,


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