Friday, June 09, 2006

Torture Flights and Spiders Webs

Senator Marty has had a big challenge trying to fit together, information his team have gathered concerning Extra ordinary Renditions.

He doesn't have all the answers, the covert actions of the agencies involved make a complete revelation difficult, maybe impossible, but he recommends that the investigation should be continued, and he has requested the resources that would allow this to happen.

The Report can be read on the Council of Europe site.

The US has not only had to deal with the report Senator Marty presented yesterday, but also with the highly critical views, loudly expressed, yesterday in the UN by the Deputy Secretary General.

There is also the transcript of his meeting with the press afterwards. He makes no apologies and he has the support of Secretary General.

Needless to say the US spokespersons for the Bush administration are more than a trifle unhappy.

There seems to be no good news for the US hawks.

The Times on line have just published a poll about UK support for the war in Iraq.

Army desertions are escalating according to this report from the BBC.

Campaigns to reach out to the young in the US are building. An example is the Not Your Soldier site.

Check out the short preview of the film, 'Sir, No Sir'.

From the ICH site today I've picked John Pilgers article, The Last Taboo.

Blackwater security are furiously recruiting mercenaries according to the article in the Malaya newspaper.

Craig Murray has posted the Financial Times cover of the Marty report.

An excellent site I encountered this morning can be found here at the Index research blog.

This article about Task force 121 caught my attention.

Physicians for Human Rights is also worth looking at.


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