Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Part 2

Dick Marti presents his findings today to the Council of Europe.

His findings are based on the flight logs of CIA planes which criss crossed Europe.
He has no doubts at all that 14 European countries are complicit in the practise of Extraordinary Rendition. Including the British state.

Newsnight ran an item based on the report which they had access to.

You can see it again for up to 24 hours. Just click the Newsnight Player.

Check out the short item on Rumsfeld while you're there.

Check out Craig Murray for more information on Extra ordinary Rendition. Which is still only a fancy name for torture flights.

From the Information Clearing House I recommend the article by Charles Sullivan concerning the basic incompatibilty of capitalism and the care of our planet.

Another site to visit is one set up by Friends of Craig Murray


Blogger elendil said...

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and a few other NGOs, have designated June Torture Awareness Month. We've created a blogroll you can join if you're interested. You can find it here. The idea is that everyone is linked to from the blogroll, and in exchange, you discuss torture (as you already do), and link to the Torture Awareness site to help support the NGOs.

There's a lot of bloggers concerned about human rights abuse in the War on Terror. If we coordinate, we can show our support and help Amnesty and HRW make Torture Awareness Month a success.

11:00 am  

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