Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Opposition to the 'just do it' mentality.

A powerful image has impacted on my mind this week. Readers of Scotlands Sunday Herald will know the art work of Harry Horse. He is always hard hitting and nightmarish. This weeks image is unforgetable. Look around the Harry Horse archive. It's worth the effort.

Last weekend there were demonstrations in Scotland and England against the torture flights. The BBC reported, initially, that they were poorly attended or not attended at all. This was later corrected as people contacted the BBC pointing out that their report was wrong.

Visit Indymedia Scotland for an account.

Craig Murray was at the Edinburgh protest and he has posted his account of the Edinburgh demo on his blog. Read the comment below Craigs post. Bliar is determined to curb citizens rights to protest. The Vice President of CND and Nobel peace prize nominee, Helen John is facing a jail term of up to one year for stepping inside the perimeter of the US spy base in Menwith Hill during a peaceful demonstration on April 1st this year.

Check out Craigs recommended reading list.

The BBC has covered the latest pronouncements from the Council of Europe regarding the torture flights.

A video was played at the Council of Europe. You can watch it on the Witness site. It's hard viewing.

From the Information Clearing House.

Here's a report from a Canadian site commenting on the Marty findings. One from Ireland.

More abuses in US run camps in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to light. This article also reports that there is disagreement between the US departments of State and Defense concerning the Geneva convention.

Not content with eavesdropping on their own citizens the CIA and the treasury have also been monitoring international financial transactions including those going in and out of Switzerland. The Swiss government have known.

This powerful piece written by Jason Miller should not be missed. He warns about the assault on civil liberties and how the US state is sliding towards Fascism.

I thik that I have posted the link to the article from the US Army War College Quarterly, Constant Conflict. It's worth re reading. It reminds us that the wars for oil and territorial, political, economic, social and cutural domination were already envisaged and prepared for, long before the Iraq war began. Combine this with The Project for the New American Century and there can be no doubt left.


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