Thursday, February 02, 2006

Torture Flights. Death and more Deaths.

Within 24 hours, a second Scots soldier met his death in Iraq. This brings the number of UK troop deaths up to 100.
More families suffering heartbreak. More children who will grow up without their Daddy. No more unwrapping Christmas presents with a loved parent. No more Birthdays with Dad. No more playing or fooling about having fun. No more goodnight kisses and cuddles. No more letters or phone calls home. More children, wifes, grandparents, friends trying to understand why this sacrifice was deemed neccessary by Tony Blair and his war cabinet.

Allan Douglas was 22 years old. Another young life ended. He had no time to make a family of his own.

Gordon Alexander Pritchard was 32. He leaves his wife with three young children all under the age of 5.

Candle lit vigils were held throughout Scotland. Rose Gentle who attended the vigil in Glasgow said that it is important to remember that these young men were someone's son or father and asked when the troops will be coming home. her son Gordon was killed in Iraq and since then has campaigned ceaselessly to get justice for Gordons death.

In the US another anti war mother, Cindy Sheehan, was arrested. She had been invited to listen to George Bush's State of the Union speech.
The reason?
Her tee shirt bore the number of the US dead.
She tells her own story on the Information Clearing House.

Two articles to read at ICH are, The US has become a rogue nation. by Paul Craig Roberts and The Pestilent Presidency. by Manuel Valenzuela.

If you have never visited Iraq Body Count, now would be a good time to do so. Civilian deaths in Iraq are enormous.
We will probably never know the true figure.
All for oil and the petro dollar. Listen to this interview with William R. Clark.

Two brief reports in the Guardian concerning the torture flights. US rendition planes did use British airspace.
and MP's investigate British role in torture flights.

Endless War, by Dr.Paul Rogers is also worth a read.

You can find a list of the vigils which took place last night throughout Scotland on the Stop the War Coalition site.
You will find a list of groups based in Scotland which work to bring about the end of the illegal war in Iraq on the Edinburgh STWC site.

You can download and print out posters from STWC. There are heaps of links and resources on this site for you to use. Use them. Please.Write to your MP.
This war must stop.
Visit the Scotland Against Criminalising Communities site to keepup to date on times and places of vigils and marches.
There will be vigils at Scottish Airports this weekend. February 5th. Details on the SACC site.


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