Friday, January 13, 2006

Torture Flights. Who's talking?

Is it Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller, former Commander of the ghastly Guantanamo Bay torture camp?
The General reckons he has said enough! Good old Constitution. It works for some then.
New York Times has story.

Maybe Nicholas John Andrew Langman will have something to say. He's back here in the UK.
Indymedia has the lowdown on him.
I put Nicks name into a search engine and got a bit of a surprise.
His name comes up in Richard Tomlinsons deposition on the death of...... Princess Diana.
Like Rumsfeld I am not going to inject myself into that particular acitvity.

Curious though.

The American Civil Liberties Union has published many documents which they requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

A not so recent Guardian article reported that the Private Military and Security companies wanted more firepower for theirprotection. It seems they are not getting enough protection from the Official military forces.

I wonder if they got what they wanted?

II'll write to Brain H. Donohoe and ask.

Another site worth visiting is The Centre for Public Integrity.
There's an article from 2002 by Duncan Campbell on the marketing of Private Military and Security Companies. Tim Spicer features large.
The second article Cozy, Clubby and Covert. Is an excellent read.
It refers to a few places in London where concerned people might get a chance to question those 'in the know'.
I don't suppose they want to say much either. And let's face it if you can be charged for saying nonsense at the Labour Party Conference, or for ringing a bell whilst reading out the names of the dead in Iraq, or for walking on a cycle path, or wearing a tee shirt calling for the impeachment of Tony Blair, it might be considered too provocative to ask if any of the clubbers know anything about the torture flights.

Has anyone heard of Task Force 6-26?
Gen up here at the Waging Peace website and at the ICH

Someone else who will never talk again or defend others who do want to talk, is missing Thai Human Rights lawyer Somchai Neelaphijit. He is dead.
According to Craig Murray, Thailand is one of the countries that the CIA use for proxy torturing.


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