Monday, January 16, 2006

Torture Flights. Transfers

The ACLU have published documents they requested under the Freedom of Information Act. Many of them have been heavily censored. But amongst them I found this one which refers to transfers of detainees to Great Britain, Denmark, Spain and Russia, as well as Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Other documents refer to Saudi Arabia, to tortures and to the FBI's attitude towards the Military's interrogation techniques.
I have not had time to read them all but..... to me they are damning. In at least one that I have read there is a mention of non governmental outside agencies.

I presume they mean Private Military or Security companies. These companies personel perform many tasks in Iraq and Afghanistan including 'translators', who are present at interrogations.


Blogger Gary said...

"Not in my backyard"
The US is probably now avoiding controversy by using non-stop flights to North Africa for rendition. That eliminates pressure from locals around the world.The CIA was used for rendition to be secret, using civilian planes. If that cover is broken, it is a simple matter to use military planes under the companion agency Joint Special Operations Command.
Premier Executive Transport Services has a Boeing 737. Alameda Corporation has an MD82, and there are many other sources for CIA civilian planes to travel from the US to, say, Casablanca, non- stop. To be more imaginative, Lockheed Martin had a contract for a series of P-3 Orion ABSA (Advanced Base Support Aircraft) with a range of 6,000 miles, supposedly cancelled. That is a flight from Johnson County so anywhere.

4:36 pm  
Blogger Denise said...


You got me.

I am not usualy a nimby.
Prefer to think of myself as internationalist but on this issue

...guilty as charged.

I was woefully ignorant that these flights were taking place and was outraged when I did learn about them.

In my very first post I did state that although I thought that the American people themselves would have to stop the torture flights it was up to everyone else to do their bit.

I believed my 'bit' was to hassle Scottish politicians. In a limited sense it worked.

But you are right the flights have just had to go elsewhere. That is still wrong.

Hopefully the furore in Europe has given the US government something to think about though.

They should not take European citizens for granted.
Scotland is a wee small country with a small population, around 5 million.
We have made a stink about it not only in Scotland and Westminster but also through the European parliament.
I do have hopes that Senator Marty's findings will further cause the US government trouble and that the torture flights and torture itself will cease.
Idealistic? Yes.
But without ideals there is little motivation to engage in the struggle to build a more humane world where all peoples have the opportunity to realise their potential.

7:14 pm  

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