Monday, January 23, 2006

Torture Flights. Standing up for Justice

The Bush Commission has heard the evidence. Will Bush listen? I fear not. Here in the UK Blair does not listen.
Why then would Bush, who reckons he is on a mission from God! Read more on the Craig Murray site.

Six people, four from Egypt, one from Pakistan and one from London have returned to the US to give their accounts of the treatment they 'enjoyed', whilst guests at the New York detention centre which they had been taken to in the aftermath of 9/11. Read about it at the New York Times.

The Today programme on BBC Radio 4, interviewed Martin Scheinin the UN's Human Rights Commission Special rapporteur.Amongst other things he is questioned about the UK and extraordinary renditions.
The US adminstration just don't want to talk at all.

Meanwhile, Guantanamo hunger strikers are close to death. Amongst them is a British resident. Clive Stafford-Smith of Reprieve represents this man and fears that detainees deaths will cause even more outrage than the desecration of the Koran.
Senator Dick Marty today delivered his interim assessment concerning torture flights throughout Europe. If you visit the Council of Europe site you should be able to access the report and the debate which will take place live at the Council. Craig Murray is due to appear.

Cindy Sheehan has written an article for Gold Star Families for Peace. She is calling for a Peace March on March 8th.


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