Sunday, January 08, 2006

Torture Flights. Screaming and Silence

Regular visitors to Dens Den will have noticed that I have praised the Sunday Herald for their coverage of the torture flights. Sad to say, this week I am more than a little disappointed with the abscence of cover of what for me was the biggest story of the year so far. Ok, I know the year is only eight days old but nevertheless, it is surprising that there is no mention of the Craig Murray Tashkent telegrams.

It can be a bit perplexing visiting Craigs site, because sometimes the server is down.

I can't imagine why that should be

But you should not have too many problems accessing the telegrams. Bloggers worldwide have covered the story. Some, like myself, have posted links to sites, eg, Blairwatch, which have published them.. Others, perhaps more courageous than I, have published them directly.

To give you an idea of how widespread the story has travelled through cyberspace visit Technorati

This surely is a story itself. I would have thought the Sunday Herald would have at least mentioned this, even if it was only a one liner in Trevor Royle's article about Bush transforming himself into an honest man. Mission impossible as far as I am concerned. I don't believe the man has an honest bone in his body, or cell in his brain. I mean, look at the people he surrounds himself with.

Mainstream media does come in for a lot of criticism from journalists like John Pilger for not telling it like it is, for self censorship, for bias, for a lack of investigation. More people are turning to the internet for their news. I know that I do.
I've just had a quick read at the Scottish Socialist Party's newspaper The Voice. It's worth a visit. They cover Rose Gentle's forthcoming visit with Jack McConnell and a wee mention of John Pilger. There's also an article about the Iraqi war.

Here's a couple more links.

Wikipedia. Lots of sources here about Extraordinary renditions.

Chris Floyd. Pretty much everything concerning the Craig Murray story can be found here. Lots of good links to follow.

General Sir Michael Rose has called for Tony Bliar to be impeached.
That should just be the beginning of his troubles. Him, Straw, and a whole lot more should be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Read the report here.
Damned, murdering hypocrites that they are.
It shouldn't jst be for the crimes in Iraq either. Have you read some of the things that have happened in Uzbekistan.
They are every bit as guilty as George Bush and his cabal who have known for a long time about the human rights abuses in that country.
I found this document this morning from the US Dept.of Labour for example

But what do we do about the politicians who have been alerted to all this shocking news about torture?

In Scotland, Carol and myself made it our business to alert them to the truth. But they do nothing but sidestep.
That is, except for a few honourable MSP's. They all had a chance, several chances, to send a message loudly and clearly to Westminster that Scotland wants no truck with the nightmarish practices of the CIA and the security services in the US and the UK.
Did they all leave their morality behind them when they got elected? Or do they simply ignore those nagging consciences and sleep soundly at night.


Anonymous Richard said...

Hi there - interesting stuff on torture/rendition here - please keep it up. The best I've seen on rendition so far is at sourcewatch, here:

6:14 pm  
Blogger Denise said...

Hi Richard, Thanks for visiting and for the link to sourcewatch.
You are right. It's a very good site and I will use it regularly.

6:52 am  

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