Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Torture Flights. More Protests Planned.

On Sunday 5th February protesters will gather at Scottish airports to hold vigils. Scots are continuing to express their abhorance towards the CIA torture flights.There is a growing dissatisfaction at the way the Blair government is dealing with the process of extraordinary rendition.
See Edinburgh Stop the War coalition for more details.

You will also find details about the Stop the War National March in London on Saturday March 18th at the site.There are two themes to this march. Troops Out of Iraq and No War in Iran. Scroll down to the bottom of this page. You will find information concerning the top ten companies which are profiting from the illegal war in Iraq.
Buses will be leaving from Edinburgh.

At the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Socialist Party MSP Frances Curran has lodged another motion against the torture flights.

Here is the motion in full. So far only two signatures!

S2M-3881 Frances Curran (West of Scotland) (SSP) : No Cover Up On CIA Rendition Flights— That the Parliament welcomes Swiss Senator, Dick Marty's, interim report on his continuing investigation into alleged secret detention centres and the use of airports and airspace within Council of Europe member states to assist the US Government’s policy of extraordinary rendition; notes the Italian judicial investigation into an illegal abduction in the streets of Milan and the subsequent issuing of arrest warrants for 22 American agents as part of the judicial proceedings; notes that, despite Senator Marty's Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights having written to member states asking for information concerning the use of their airports for CIA flights, the biggest problem for the committee has been the lack of information provided so far and the lack of co-operation from those governments; calls on member states to provide the information by the stated deadline of 21 February 2006; further notes that the Polish Government ordered an inquiry into the alleged existence of CIA detention centres in Poland, but that the findings have not been published nor provided to the committee; suggests that the real question that Senator Marty's report raises is what information is being hidden and by whom; believes that, if such flights were using airports in Scotland and across Europe for trafficking illegal immigrants, Colombian drugs barons or parcels of cocaine, governments would not be experiencing the same problems in obtaining information, and calls on all governments across Europe to co-operate with Senator Marty and his investigation.

Supported by: Rosie Kane, Tommy Sheridan

Lodged on 26 January 2006; current 26 January 2006

Please write to your MSP's urging them to sign the motion. You can e mail them or get other contact details at the parliaments own site.
Alternatively go to the Write to Them site.If you use Write to them, you will be contacted at a later date to find out if your representative replied?

If you want to write to your Westminster MP to inquire what they are doing to persuade Bliar and his Cabal to co operate with Senator Marty use Write to Them.

Senator Marty is trying to find out how involved European countries have been in the process of extraordinary rendition. He says. 'The whole continent is in the dock'
See the Scotsman for more details. Again in the Scotsman there is a brief report about Amnesty calling on the Scottish Executive to investigate the torture flights.

I have just heard that another British sodier has been killed in Iraq. That brings the total to 100.
See BBC News

Another uneccessary death.
Protests have already been planned.
I will post details as I get them


Glasgow. STWC Tonight Tuesday. 6pm. Naming the Dead. Bridge behind St Enochs Station.

Edinburgh. STWC Tonight Tuesday 5.30pm Naming the Dead. Parliament Square

Aberdeen STWC Tonight Tuesday 5.30. Naming the Dead. War Memorial

Kirkaldy STWAC Tonight. Tuesday 7.pm Town House


Stop the War Coalition call for some action. A protest or vigil in every town, city or village in the UK tomorrow evening Wednesday 1st February.

Edinburgh Stop the War have organised a vigil at 5.30pm at Parliament square near to St Giles Cathedral on the High Street Tomorrow evening Wednesday.

Two good blogs to visit. One I have referred to before Reykjavik Transit and the other which I found today,
extraordinary renderings.


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