Thursday, January 12, 2006

Torture Flights Meaning What?

Dick Barbour-Might answers questions about the practice of extraordinary rendition in the Scottish Socialist Party newspaper the Voice.

He covers a lot of ground from today’s torture flights and failed vote in the Scottish Parliament back through the 70’s to Pinochet’s Chile and even further to 1930’s Germany.

Dick refers to the US government’s redefinition of torture.

Now the BBC wants to redefine the use of the word ‘terrorist’, according to the Times. Terror attack is ok, but not terrorist. Alternatives, which have been suggested to BBC news editors, by Mark Thompson the BBC Director General, include bomber, attacker, kidnapper, insurgent and militant.

Sounds dodgy to me. Particularly using the word ‘militant.’ Is Cindy Sheehan militant? or Rosie Kane? I'm sure both women would say they are militant about the search for the truth and in stopping an illegal war.

But another article in the Times is even more worrying.

Louise Arbour, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights wrote to Charles Clarke on November 28th raising concerns about the new Terrorism Bill that was to go before the House of Lords.

Clarke did not place the letter in the parliaments library until the 9th of January this year!

It’s bad enough getting no answers, or inadequate answers or downright lies but to not even have the opportunity to ask questions is beyond acceptable in a democracy.

What else has been concealed in this underhand way?

But it’s out now.

Drip. Drip Drip

You will no doubt be aware of the’ war for information’ in the US. The Infomation Clearing House has many articles on the Us government's activities. Here's one from a 'whistleblower' and another about US mail sent from abroad.

Here’s a question.

Will logging your email combat terrorism in Europe?

See what you think. Read this Guardian article.

Here's an obituary for Hugh Thompson the US pilot who tried to stop the My Lai massacre.

I found this site when searching for My Lai. And here are the names of the people Thompson and his comrades could not save.

Will there be peace parks in Iraq in the future?


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