Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Torture Flights. Heroes and Villains

Colin Powell attended a fudraising night at the Glasgow Hilton the other night the Glasgow Herald reports that 200 protesters gathered to protest about the War in Iraq, torture flights and Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.
The Scottish Socialist Party was there as well as Edinburgh's Stop the War Group Powell was also interviewed by Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman, and he admitted again that the intelligence he presented in the run up to the Iraq invasion was false. There is a brief discussion concerning renditions and the problem of the Iran uranium enrichment issue and the possibilty of another invasion is discussed.

On the Craig Murray site you can read Al Gore's speech where he refer's to Craig's Tashkent Telegrams. You can also read Salman Rushdie's article on how the US government uses language as an attempt to obscure the real meaning of rendition.

Clive Stafford Smith the British American human rights lawyer gave a lecture to law students at Glasgow Strathclyde University. He talks about the prisoners in Death Row and in Guantanamo. Try not to miss this.
Inspite of the ghastly facts he discloses he also manages to entertain by exposing some of the ludicrous anomalies which exist in US law.
To read more about Clive's work visit the Reprieve site. Learn about his casework at the infamous torture camp at Guantanamo Bay.
More can be read about the Omar Deghayes campaign on a dedicated site. Check out their links section. See also Amnesty's site and the American Civil Liberties Union site.

The SNP have accused the Scottish Executive of turning a blind eye to the torture flights. They have compiled a dossier containg dates, places, aircraft numbers and photographs as supporting evidence. Read about it in the Scotsman.

The three independence parties, Scottish Socialists, Greens, SNP, are keeping the pressure on the Labour/Liberal coalition in Holyrood. I hope that they are working together on this issue but why, oh why, did the SNP vote against Frances Currans (SSP) motion in the debate that took place just before the Christmas break?


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