Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Torture Flights. Here, There, Everywhere

So the Swiss knew according to reports in Swissinfo and the US Financial Times. Read more on the IFC site

Although ICH carries a lot of articles on the Abramoff scandal there is an article about the forced feeding of the Guantanamo detainees. They also refer to the upcoming trial of an 18 year old, detainee

Try to read the report about the Iraqi war widows.The imposition of American style democracy has not brought a better life for them or their children.

Two Actions.

On Saturday January 14th Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition will be holding a vigil outside the US Consulate, at Regent Terrace, Edinburgh between 12 noon and 1pm. After this they will be collecting signatures on Princes Street. On Monday the 16th, they will hand in the signatures attached to a letter to the Consulate. If you click on the Contact Us link on the left you may be able to add your name to the list.

The second action is the demonstration in London on Saturday 21st.. Details can be found on Save Omar Deghayes web site. I believe Craig Murray will be one of the speakers.

I have just followed a link from the Omar Deghayes site to The Memory Hole. Click on the link about leaked photos of the transportation of detainees to Guantanamo. Be warned though they are disturbing.

The Celtic League have sent a letter to Interpol.

"Ronald K. Noble
Secretary General
General Secretariat
200, quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon

Dear Mr. Noble,

You will be aware of the controversy aroused by
revelations that persons have been transferred against their will
through several European countries by agencies of the United States
of America engaged in what is termed 'extraordinary rendition'.

Has Interpol received any requests from State parties to apprehend
individuals involved in this people smuggling operation?

As this so-called 'extraordinary rendition' is simply people
with a fancy name what is your organisations stance on the issue?

I do trust that Interpol does not close its eyes to illegality if
it is perpetrated by State organisations such as the United States

We look forward to your early response.

For information the Celtic League have made a formal complaint to
the Irish Police (which was investigated) and the Scottish Police
(Strathclyde) from whom a detailed response is awaited. We have also
asked the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) to
investigate these 'torture flights' with the State parties of the
Council of Europe through which they have transited.

The Celtic League are awaiting a response from Strathclyde Police. I am too.

Why so quiet?

Funnily enough, I wrote to Irene Oldfather last week asking her to support the bill,proposed by Colin Fox, to abolish prescription charges. She replied to that, and yet on the run up to the SSP debate, (you can read the official report here) in the Scottish Parliament, I contacted her several times and she did not respond!

Silence, it seems, is selective.

Here is a link for Liberty.

They have a link to the letter they sent to the Chief Constables in England and Wales.

I do have a question

Has anyone heard or read any comment from the Police Federation.

Here is the Scottish contact info.

    Scottish Police Federation
    5 Woodside Place,
    G3 7QF

    Tel:0141 332 5234
    Fax: 0141 331 2436

    email: jmcdonald@scottishpolicefederation.org.

    I think I see why the Police Federation are not being invited to comment on the torture flights.

    A quick visit the their site for England and Wales reveals that there is a bit of a problem for them regarding policing terrorism generally.

    Maybe the media will get round to talking to them.

    The Scottish Police Federation have had some concerns too.

    Article from the Scotsman about the Egyptian /CIA telegram and The Herald covers the Westminster questioning of Jack Straw. He is still singing the same tune.

    Reminds me a bit of Thatcher. She kept on saying, 'you don't understand'. When of course we did.

    She was caught out on the Belgrano. Jackie boy in Westminster is getting caught out too.

    It's hapening in the US as well over Abramoff. He's singing a different song.

    Come on Jack. Gie us another tune. We will give you the backing vocals.


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