Friday, January 13, 2006

Torture Flights. The Egyptians are Talking!

The Egyptian fax story is covered in the Swiss Paper Sonntags Blick.

The English translation can be found on Watching America.

This article quotes from the Fax.

"The embassy has via its own sources ascertained that 23 Iraqi and Afghani nationals have indeed been interrogated at the Mihail Kogalniceanu base near Constanţa, Romania, just by the Black Sea. There are similar interrogation facilities in Ukraine, Kosovo, in Macedonia and in Bulgaria."
Furthermore, the fax says that the NGO Human Rights Watch, according to a newspaper article, has evidence that "on the 21st and the 22nd of September 2005, prisoners were transported in U.S. military planes from the Salt Pit base in Kabul, Afghanistan to both the aforementioned Romanian base and the Szymany base in Poland."

Is the dam begining to burst?

Read more on the BBC News site.

The Daily Iraqi Cheese Grader is a blog worth visiting.
The writer has now finished his one year in Iraq. He has lots of informative links and you do get a feel for what his daily life in a war zone has been like. His up's and downs and in between's. I'm glad he got through it.
One of posts did jump out at me. On June 22nd 2005 he describes an incident which happened in Mosul when US soldiers got suspected insurgent mixed up with civilians. They all ended up in detention as they were not able to correct the 'mistake'.

Another blogger to visit is Reykjavik Transit.

Following a link from Reykjavik Transit to the Chicago Tribune I found that the protests in Scotland in December had been reported.

I have received a communication telling me that the letter that is being handed in to the US Consulate in Edinburgh on Monday will be handed in on Tuesday instead.

If you would like to join the delegation contact
On Monday there will be protest at the Hilton Hotel where Colin Powell will be attending a Gala dinner.

For more information see Edinburgh Stop the War


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