Saturday, December 10, 2005

Totrure Flights. Chasing them out of the Skies.

Saturday 0.17

Action Planned

An action at Prestwick Airport is expected to take place on December 18th.

For details see Indymedia.

Excellent article in the Nation. It was written as a response to G.W. Bush's statement made in Panama City. The 'We do not do torture', speech.
An hour and halfs drive from where Bush made his statement was the 'School of the Americas.' It has now moved to Fort Benning Georgia. This is where torturers learned their bloody trade. The writer Naomi Klein is concerned that the history books are being rewritten and that Americas use of torture is being presented as a new phenomenon. What she argues is new, is not that torture is a new practise for the US but the 'openness'. She argues that by 'daring to torture unapologetically and out in the open, Bush has robbed everyone of 'plausible deniability'.

Peter Wishart SNP MP for Perth and Perthshire North has asked a question in the House of Commons concerning the extraordinary renditions or more correctly about the workers who service the flights. They may be open to charges of aiding and abetting torture.

I have already raised this issue with the British Airport Authority in a letter. I will write to the owners and managers of Prestwick and we will see if they, unlike BAA, will respond.

I can't remember if I have already given you a link to a valuable resource I use.

It's a voluntary group called You can request notification if your MP asks a question in the house or even if any MP asks a question about something that concerns you. In my case I have asked for notification if my own MP. Brian. H.Donohoe asks any question and also if any MP asks a question concerning the torture flights. There's also lots of other interesting stuff there, like how your MP has voted.
Check it out.


Today is International Human Rights Day.

We are aware that there are peace campaigners in Iraq being held by a group who have threatened to execute them.
We are so far away and have no control over what will happen but that is no reason do not try to help. I know that it is a very small thing to do but you could add your signature to an online petition to help get them released, unharmed. These people have been trying to bring the truth about the realities, the horrors, abuses, torture's and other crimes against humanity that have been committed in Iraq.

Update on Guantanamo Marchers.

Today the marchers will arrive in Guantanamo about 12 miles from the base. They report that today there will be vigils all over the US and in other parts of the world to support Human Rights, the Geneva Convention, to stop torture and to end illegal detentions.

Brave men and women.

Sunday 11th

Poland is now commencing an enquiry into the claims that the CIA have secret prisons or interrogation centres in their territory.
Finland, Iceland, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden are also investigating the claims that their airports are being used as transit points on the torture flight path.

Liberty have sent a letter to Jack Straw and you can find it on the Times Online site.

They want the police to investigate the claims that Uk airports are being used for the torture flights. If they don't they intend to take the case to court.

Is that what we will have to do in Scotland? Our police aren't exactly chomping at the bit to investigate.
A lack of curiosity?
Or have some high ranking officers known for some time.
Maybe they think that their silence offers them some protection from charges of complicity.
What ever the reason for their turning a blind eye, it is apparent that they do not want to investigate or that they have been asked not to by Bliar or one of his advisors within our own security services or even his lawyer.
I'm sure that legal advice will have been sought and that he will know not to say anything that could implicate him.The same goes for Straw and all the rest of them.
They should remenber that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.


There is a well written summary about Condi Rice and her recent European visit on the OpenDemocracy site.

Browsing through some cabinet documents available on the net I came across a publication named,
Intelligence Oversight. There is a section on Responsibilty and accountability
It appears that the Deputy First Minister for Scotland can sign warrants for serious crimes.
It is hard to imagine that the Government security services have no knowledge about the CIA flights.
They use the information from the torture victims and there has been allegations that British security agents have been present at tortures, providing the torturers with questions.
Did they inform the relevent Ministers of State. Ultimately, it states, the Prime Minister has overall responsibilty.

The document entitled The Handling of Detainees by UK Personnel in Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay and Iraq, covers reports of torture inflicted by US and UK personel. This was one of the documents that I sent to my Local MP and MSP's.

Monday 12th.

On radio 4 this morning I heard Jack Straw say that after a careful search no documents could be found that would show that the CIA asked for permission to refuel at Scottish or English airports.
It's my understanding that under the Chicago Convention, which Cathy Jamieson referred to, no permission is neccessary for private aircraft to land.
I think there needs to be some clarification as to the status of these planes.

Visit Blairwatch today. There's a good article about last weeks Law Lords ruling on evidence extracted by torture. It includes a telegram from Craig Murray to the Foreign and Commonwealth office detailing what he knew about torture in Uzbekistan.



Blogger Denise said...

A man called Neil has sent me an article from today's Independant newspaper concerning the suppresion of a report written 30 years ago by Gavin McCrone into Scotlands oil.

It was feared that if we the peole of Scotland knew how much oil we really had that we would have demanded our independance and most likely have won it. It;s reckoned that Scotland would now be enjoyning a much higher standard of living. Similar to Norway or Switzerland.
Wealth does not of course equal happiness but with independance there was the possibilty of a more equal distribution of that wealth.

It occurs to me though that if the powers that be could supress the McCrone report they could just as easily bury knowledge about the CIA and their torture flights.

10:09 am  
Blogger Denise said...

Scuse the spelling in the last comment. I need ma porridge.

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