Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Torture Flights. Blood Money from the Heavens.

Wednesday 14th

At Last. Some people are beginning to get, what I believe, closer to discovering how it is that that Jack Straw can say that no documents have been found that would show that the US and the UK governments have agreed that Scottish and other UK airports have been used to facilitate torture flights.
It's like trying to put a jigsaw together. We have the picture, we have the pieces, but some of the pieces have been obscured or have not been turned up.
We may even have too many pieces and not sure which ones to use.

Well lets try to fit together what we can.

We know the flights take place. We know they land in European countries. We know that people are being tortured.
If, it's true, that no permissions have been sought or given, except for the ones requested by Clinton and agreed to by Straw then there can be only one other way these flights have been able to function.
I am suggesting that after Jack Straw refused the Clinton administration in one case of rendition the US and the US security services had to come up with some other means to get their suspects into the hands of torturers.

By chartering private aircraft they comply with the Chicago Convention. Remember private aircraft don't need sepcial permission.

By outsourcing some of the services needed to fight the 'War on Terror', governments have been able to circumvent domestic and international laws.
There is a superb document written by David Isenberg for a group called British American Security Council.
BASIC for short. It's aptly named 'Fistful of Contractors'.

It's about the roles played by Private Military and Security Companies.

Just as 'Extraordinary Rendition is a fancy name for Torture Flights so it is with the Private Military and Security Companies.

What we are talking about, is mercenaries.

Please try to find the time to read this research report. It is 138 pages and can take some time to download but it is worth the effort.

There are so many listed here I wont list them but I will concentrate on telling you more about a few throughout the coming days.
Most of them are American but some of the biggest are British. And they are raking in the dollars.
That is why Straw is turning a blind eye. He is keeping the business community happy. Without these private firms, the war in Iraq and the wider war on terror would not have been sustained for as long as it has been. They are vital.

But check a 'Fistful of Contractors' for yourselves.


The Council of Europe are really getting quite serious about this issue.
They are not accusing any government yet of complicity but are strongly advising all national governments to investigate. The evidence they have although circumstantial is piling up and in Senator Marty's words have credibility.

Will our government comply with this advice? Or will they continue to dodge and weave.


I may of course, be way off target regarding the private Military and Security Companies and the explanation is to be found within the filing cabinets of our own security services. They surely must know how these renditions work.

In the meantime I sent the 'Fistful of Contractors' document to Irene Oldfather my MSP and to Brian. H. Donohoe with a letter.

Dear Irene and Brian,

It has been difficult for me to believe that CIA flights could land and refuel in Scotland and other UK airports without the knowledge or permission of the government.

Perhaps the reason that Jack Straw could find no documents concerning the flights is because none exist in the government’s own files.

I believe though that evidence may be found elsewhere.

I am referring to the filing cabinets of the Private Military and Security firms, which play such a pivotal role in Iraq and in the wider 'War on Terror'

This document, 'Fistful of Contractors', was written for the British American Security Council. I am sure you will have heard of it Brian.

Can I suggest Brian that you pass this information on to Mr Straw.

It may help him answer future questions concerning the role of private companies in Iraq and the 'War on Terror' and may help him to get to root of the torture flights and of the torturers themselves.

I know that the government is aware that there are rather a lot of these companies operating in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

The quick disappearance of the alleged Polish torture camp may be explained by the fact that these companies are very efficient in moving their people.

I know too that there is some concern about these companies and how they can be regulated.

Hope that this information will be helpful.

I have passed it on to several other people so I suppose the PMC's will come under greater scrutiny now.

Yours sincerely

Brian's researcher replied.


Thank you for your email to Brian Donohoe MP.

As requested, Mr. Donohoe has passed this information to the Foreign Secretary’s Office for comment. In addition, Mr. Donohoe has requested an urgent meeting with Jack Straw to seek clarification on this issue.

Kind Regards


Jack doesn't have an e mail address we can access so that was very nice of Brian to make sure that Jack will get the his very own copy of 'A Fistful of Contractors'.

Wish I could afford to print out a copy. It's hard on the eyes reading 138 pages on a computer.


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