Tuesday, August 01, 2006

From Prestwick to Lebanon.

The protest at Prestwick airport drew 150 protesters. Considering it was called at short notice for a Sunday when transport is a problem for many, I consider that a success.
Photographs can be accessed on Scotlands Indymedia site which also contains photos of other protests against the Lebanese bombings.
Most of the casualties have benn as they always are in war children. Visit the excellent The Natural Childhood site for more information.
The Herald report can be found here. It's sister paper the Sunday Herald made the Prestwick connection it's fromt page story. It tanspires that the Irish government had refused permission for the flights containing their deadly cargo to land at Shannon airport and they will continue to refuse permission for further flights.
Tony Bliar is quoted as saying that "What happens at Prestwick airport is not going to detemine whether we get a ceasefire in Lebanon."

Duh! Well thank you Tony for those words of wisdom but I think we can work that out for ourselves. But what we can do is make it a bit more difficult for you and your master Bush to aid the Israeli genocide. For that is what it is. Do you think we believe these bombs are intended only for the Lebanese?
The Palestinians concentrated in Gaza are probable targets too and the Iranians and Syrians could very well be on the list.

Expect more protests in Scotland. Especially at the ballot box next year. Scotland will surely now vote for independence. We have no control over Foreign policy and limited input into transport policy and the inadequacies of our devolved parliament are thrown sharply into relief when we consider how ineffective the Scottish executive has been concerning the torture flights and now the transportation of bunker busters and other deadly cargoes through our air space.

The Independence Movement is gathering momentum, I'm pleased to report. A site to visit is Independence First.

Lest anyone thinks that it is only the Scots who object to US and UK complicity in Israeli war crimes read Craig Murrays post Massacres and Wirecutters. The Prestwick flights have been rdirected to an USAF base in Mildenhall, England.
The Green party in Scotland will today make the strongerst possible protest when they meet with the US consul not only over the munitions flights but also the extraordinary renditions flights.

Craig mentions that there will be a demonstration on August 5th. Find details here. This demo is in London.

In Scotland there are other protests planned. Details can be found here at the Edinburgh Stop the War site.

Meanwhile a new prison compound is being built at Guantanamo. Read this report in the Independent.
The prisoners there are fighting back. Read this report on the Cage Prisoners site. Whist there you can read an interview with an ex detainee, Moazzam Begg which he gave to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.
Try to find the time to read Roberts Fisks report on the Lebanon crises and Amy's interview with Noam Chomsky.

From the Information Clearing House comes this link to a story concerning more US kidnappings
US defense secretary Rumsfeld has been called on by the US confgess to surrender documents which show that US forces systematically kidnapped the families of suspected terrorists in order to get them to hand themselves in. He has until Friday to comply. This story recounts the abuse of a sixteen yearold boy who was abused and then shown to hs father to get him to talk.

Another site to visit is a blog by a young Iraqi girl. Bagdad Burning. In her entry for July 11th she writes about the rape of another young Iraqi girl. In writing of the Qana massacre in Lebanon she tells us of her frustration and rage against Israel, the US, Britain, Iran and most of Europe. The UN has become an organisation of gravediggers she says.

Have you written to your representatives? Please do it now if you haven't. This site will help you get your message through. Write to Them.

If you are a blogger link to Bloggers Against Torture. If not then send the link to bloggers you know of.

Spread the word. It's so important that the victims and families of victims know that there are people all over the world fighting their corner. Show your solidarity.

Secretary of State Rice played piano as Lebanon was bombed and Tony Blair went looking for his next job.

When I was a child, on learning of the Nazi extermination camps I asked my Father what he did to stop it happening. He was too young to fight. My children know that I am trying in my own limited way to join with the millions of people all over the globe in trying to stop The Project for the New American Century fulfilling it's aims for total world domination.

How will you answer your children and granchildren?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Protest at Prestwick Airport

There will be a protest at Prestwick Airport this Sunday. 30th July at 12.30


Prestwick. Gateway to Hell

Once again Prestwick airport has hit the headlines. Not only has this airport been used as a staging post for torture flights but we now discover that US planes which are transporting weapons of death and terror, are stopping off there for servicing, before reaching their final destination, Israel.

Strictly speaking the final destination is Lebanon. The bombs, known as bunker busters, were used to destroy a UN peacekeepers observation post, resulting in the deaths of four peacekeepers.

Unlike the campaign to halt the torture flights, which took time to build up steam, this new deceitful and shameful action of the US has resulted in an immediate uproar.

The people of Prestwick, Ayrshire, and Scotland are not accepting this happening without protest. Poiticians who were slow to acknowledge the torture flights crime have speedily and vocally denounced this recent US war crime.
Read the report in the Glasgow Herald.

Margaret Becket, the UK foreign minister, is concerned that the proper paperwork had not been completed, but many others including MSP's know that the issue is far greater than a bureaucratic oversight.

The people of Scotland do not want to be associated with this incredibly aggressive and brutal war.

I have every faith that we shall bring an end to our complicity in US/Israeli aggression against the Lebanese people.

Tony Bliar meets with George Bush today to discuss amongst other things the munitions flights. The conversation is likely to be along the lines of, 'Yo, Blair, here boy. Good boy. (Pat pat.) Roll over for Georgey. Here, have a cowboy hat. That will give you something to chew on when the going gets tougher back in the old country.'

Just google 'Yo Blair' and 'Prescott cowboy hat', if you are puzzeled.

There have been many pictures of the dead and wounded in this most recent human tragedy in the Middle East but the one that pierced my heart is one which I see as a 21st century Madonna and son.

There are more shocking photographs on the ICH site but this one is now imprinted in my mind for life. I cry as I am writing this.
I can hold my sons in my arms, unlike tens of thousands of other mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters now lie dead and buried in the east but in many other countries on this suffering planet.

Bunker busters, cluster bombs, phosphorous and sonic bombs are all being used to kill, maim and wound and terrorise the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples. The fabric of their countries are being destroyed with the bombing of bridges, roads, schools and housing. People have fled the cities and refugees are trying any way they can to get to Syria and Iran. But there is every reason to believe that Syria and Iran are on the US hit list.
It seems that there can be no peace for the people who live in the countries the US has described as the Axis of Evil.
We know the Iraq war is all about the US securing massive oil deposits for their energy hungry nation and the massive oil dollars it brings to the economicaly and politicaly powerful corporations.
But it looks like the Lebenese invasion could be about oil too. Read this article.

People all over the globe are recognising that our world and all forms of life are under threat of destruction and possible extinction but are fighting back.

From the Scottish Orkney Isles to the rail workers in Austrailia, From the social and political movements in South America to the Peace movements in the US and UK.

Use your voice and join with us. Just spend five minutes at your computer to write to your representatives whichever part of the world you are in.

Do it now, while you are reading this.

Once again I will justify nimbyism. The residents of Prestwick and Ayrshire are screaming to bring an end to our backyard being used to bring death and destruction to innocent people.

Join with us.

Write to your MSP, MP and European MP demanding an end to our country being used as the US's aircraft carrier.

This site will help you to get your message through. Write to them. Adapt it to suit. Let me know how you get on.

Here is an example of a letter to an Ayrshire MP from Ian.

Wednesday 26 July 2006

Dear Katy Clark,

I contacted you last year regarding the then 'alleged' rendition
flights going through Prestwick Airport and you sent me a very
encouraging and positive response in which you outlined your own

Since then, the EU has provided definitive evidence that the flights
were 'real'.

Now, the US is using our constituency's airport to 'rest' air-crews
carrying laser-guided 'bunker-busting' bombs to Israel (reported on
last night's World Service 1.00 a.m. news and further detailed in
today's Telegraph)

You will be aware of what's happening in Southern Lebanon, so you will
also know what those weapons are going to be used for and the
likelihood of 'collateral damage' i.e. children being blown to bits in
front of their parents, Red Cross ambulances being targetted, UN
observers being repeatedly bombed etc etc etc.

The people of Scotland generally (and Ayrshire more specifically) are
not known for their support of war crimes generally (and child-killing
specifically) and I hope you will make good on your previous promises
to see these flights stopped before we all become further drawn into
complicity with major war crimes.

Please do something today. I don't expect or need any feedback or
further details of how concerned you are. Please just do something to
help stop it e.g. lobby your colleagues to call for an immediate

Many thanks for your attention,

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We. Ways of Seeing

'We' is a superb documentary. Arundhati Roy who won the Brooker Prize in 1997 for her novel 'The God of Small Things' presents us with her way of seeing.

Her opening lines in the documentary, which she also uses in the novel, include a quote from John Bergers book Ways of Seeing. 'Never again will a single story be told as though it's the only one.'

My way of seeing her way of seeing is that she is joining the dots, scattered, it seems randomly, and makes an understandable meaning. Thats one of the things we humans can't help trying to do. Make meaning where there doesn't appear to be any. Her way of seeing resonates with many but it would make for a whole lot better world if more of us were able to join the dots and see the big picture.

Please watch it. It is free to download and copy and the makers want us to 'seed' this documentary wherever we can. So get out there and sow this wonderful and critical commentary on our times.

Try to find the time to read a bit of Bergers own words. You will find his way of seeing the Michael Moore Film Fahrenhiet 9/11 in this Guardian article. More here and here.

Craig Murray had won a few days more before he is supposed to take down the documents relating to his book Murder In Samarkand. He wrote a really well argued and humourous letter to the FCO. Check it out. Bloggers are doing their bit to help him.

From the ICH Charles Sullivans piece on Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State is a good read.

As is Chris Floyds, Diplomatic Deception: The Calm Before the Storm.

Taken together all these communicators are sending out a clear warning to us all. But WE have good reason to be optimistic. More and more peoples are becoming more aware of the deficiencies of our economic, political and social system. WE are dissenting, organising and resisting the oppressions, exploitations, and the destruction of our planet. WE are many. They are few. They have the power of the gun and the dollar and the oil. But they are losing their grip because of their rampant greed for more, at the expense of the vast majority of us, who just want to have a home, a job, and peace so that we may raise our children in health and happiness. WE have the numbers though and WE have the vision. WE are learning all the time. Learning that no matter how small you may think your word of dissent or act of non violent resistance is, it works. The totality of it all works. WE do make change happen.

An example of what just a few people can do to effect a change is the recent BBC reporting of demos in Scotland opposing the torture flights. Initially they reported that it was a failure and that few people turned up.
Peope who were there mailed them to correct them and they provided photogaphic evidence. The BBC altered their report. Or read this account of what a few people can achieve if they act to gether.

Don't know what to do? Once you start looking you realise that you are spoiled for choice.

You could join one of the anti war groups. Stop the War. In Scotland their site is here. These sites will keep you up to date on demos and lots of info. Military Families against the War is another. Gold Star Families for Peace are very active in the US, again, loads of info here too. Or Code Pink.

Visit sites like Amnesty, this page of theirs tells us that 1 in 3 women have been raped, beaten or abused. Shocking isn't it. CND, sign their petition against replacing Trident submarines, Reprieve. Read their response to the recent ruling of the US courts regarding the Guantanamo detainess and the Geneva Conventions.

All of these sites have links to others. Use them.Spread the word. Get Active. Do something. The task to change our world is a mammoth one and every act which is an attempt to challenge helps. The cumulative effect cannot be underestimated. It's particularly beholden on those of us who enjoy a relativly peaceful and comfortable life to stand up for the most oppressed and exploited. Those whose voices are ignored or silenced.

Peoples like the Palestinians, who are being slaughtered daily, or Iraqi children, ( these pictures are hard to look at).

WE are not powerless. WE have voices even though our governments are winding back our civil liberties. If we don't use our voices to speak out, we may end up screaming too.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bloggers needed.

This will be a short post. Time is of the essence.

Craig Murray is under continuous attack from the British Government. He has now been told to remove documents from his website that the British government find particulary incriminating.

If you feel you can support Craig, spread the word. Bloggers can publish or just link. You must decide which is the most appropriate way for you to keep the information accessible.

By 4pm today the docs are supposed to be removed from Craigs site. By my reckoning we have just over 5 hrs.

Links are here, here, and here.

Friends of Craig Murray have good coverage of this blogging campaign. They will probably be the most up to date, so are worth visitng regularly.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Opposition to the 'just do it' mentality.

A powerful image has impacted on my mind this week. Readers of Scotlands Sunday Herald will know the art work of Harry Horse. He is always hard hitting and nightmarish. This weeks image is unforgetable. Look around the Harry Horse archive. It's worth the effort.

Last weekend there were demonstrations in Scotland and England against the torture flights. The BBC reported, initially, that they were poorly attended or not attended at all. This was later corrected as people contacted the BBC pointing out that their report was wrong.

Visit Indymedia Scotland for an account.

Craig Murray was at the Edinburgh protest and he has posted his account of the Edinburgh demo on his blog. Read the comment below Craigs post. Bliar is determined to curb citizens rights to protest. The Vice President of CND and Nobel peace prize nominee, Helen John is facing a jail term of up to one year for stepping inside the perimeter of the US spy base in Menwith Hill during a peaceful demonstration on April 1st this year.

Check out Craigs recommended reading list.

The BBC has covered the latest pronouncements from the Council of Europe regarding the torture flights.

A video was played at the Council of Europe. You can watch it on the Witness site. It's hard viewing.

From the Information Clearing House.

Here's a report from a Canadian site commenting on the Marty findings. One from Ireland.

More abuses in US run camps in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to light. This article also reports that there is disagreement between the US departments of State and Defense concerning the Geneva convention.

Not content with eavesdropping on their own citizens the CIA and the treasury have also been monitoring international financial transactions including those going in and out of Switzerland. The Swiss government have known.

This powerful piece written by Jason Miller should not be missed. He warns about the assault on civil liberties and how the US state is sliding towards Fascism.

I thik that I have posted the link to the article from the US Army War College Quarterly, Constant Conflict. It's worth re reading. It reminds us that the wars for oil and territorial, political, economic, social and cutural domination were already envisaged and prepared for, long before the Iraq war began. Combine this with The Project for the New American Century and there can be no doubt left.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Torture Flights and Spiders Webs

Senator Marty has had a big challenge trying to fit together, information his team have gathered concerning Extra ordinary Renditions.

He doesn't have all the answers, the covert actions of the agencies involved make a complete revelation difficult, maybe impossible, but he recommends that the investigation should be continued, and he has requested the resources that would allow this to happen.

The Report can be read on the Council of Europe site.

The US has not only had to deal with the report Senator Marty presented yesterday, but also with the highly critical views, loudly expressed, yesterday in the UN by the Deputy Secretary General.

There is also the transcript of his meeting with the press afterwards. He makes no apologies and he has the support of Secretary General.

Needless to say the US spokespersons for the Bush administration are more than a trifle unhappy.

There seems to be no good news for the US hawks.

The Times on line have just published a poll about UK support for the war in Iraq.

Army desertions are escalating according to this report from the BBC.

Campaigns to reach out to the young in the US are building. An example is the Not Your Soldier site.

Check out the short preview of the film, 'Sir, No Sir'.

From the ICH site today I've picked John Pilgers article, The Last Taboo.

Blackwater security are furiously recruiting mercenaries according to the article in the Malaya newspaper.

Craig Murray has posted the Financial Times cover of the Marty report.

An excellent site I encountered this morning can be found here at the Index research blog.

This article about Task force 121 caught my attention.

Physicians for Human Rights is also worth looking at.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Part 2

Dick Marti presents his findings today to the Council of Europe.

His findings are based on the flight logs of CIA planes which criss crossed Europe.
He has no doubts at all that 14 European countries are complicit in the practise of Extraordinary Rendition. Including the British state.

Newsnight ran an item based on the report which they had access to.

You can see it again for up to 24 hours. Just click the Newsnight Player.

Check out the short item on Rumsfeld while you're there.

Check out Craig Murray for more information on Extra ordinary Rendition. Which is still only a fancy name for torture flights.

From the Information Clearing House I recommend the article by Charles Sullivan concerning the basic incompatibilty of capitalism and the care of our planet.

Another site to visit is one set up by Friends of Craig Murray

Monday, June 05, 2006

War crimes 'r us Inc.

Obscenity heaps upon obscenity.


Women, children, old, infirm, at prayer.

Then the denials, lies and cover ups.

Read Neil MCKay in the Herald.

It's what we have come to expect in this dirty, bloody, murderous, illegal war.

Read Cindy Sheehan
on the Information Clearing House site.

In the UK meantime Military families Against the War are petitioning Tony Blair to get their sons, daughters and other loved ones out of Iraq. See the Independent

Sign their petition you will find it here.

The UN has declared June 26th International Day in Support of Survivors and Victims of Torture.

This site is useful to visit for ideas on how to show your solidarity with the survivors and victims.

Find out more here.

Dont forget to keep visiting Craig Murrays site. Read his post of May 26th on the Torture flights.

Whilst visiting the ICH site I watched the Panorama video on Climate Change and how the White House has lied again. They suppressed scientific evidence concerning the scale of the problem. They gagged scientists, and doctored their findings.

Have a look at the Reprieve site, particularly the section on Guantanamo. Clive Stafford Smith fights on for the release of prisoners there.

Omar Deghayes has been there 4 years .

Stop the War Coalition are having their annual conference at the end of the week. Amongst the speakers is Craig Murray. Tony Benn and Rose Gentle will also be speaking.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Extraordinary Renditions 19th Report from UK

See here.

Here too.

The BBC provide a brief overview of the above report.

If you want to read the full report you will find it here.

Here's a wee update on Private Military and Security Companies operating in Iraq.

I know I'm late with this but have a look at this Steve Bell piece marking the 3rd anniversary of the illegal war in Iraq.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just a short post to explain my abscence. I injured my back and was unable to write.
It will take me some time to catch up on reporting what has been happening. In the meantime, I recommend visiting Craig Murrays site.

I will try very hard to be back on track by this time next week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Torture Flights. And all the rest

One of the most disturbing articles that I have read recently is from the Army War Academy Quarterly. The article written by Ralph Peters in 1997 draws a future vision of the USA. Given that it was written 9 years ago and considering all that has been done by the US in the intervening years, I can't help but draw the conclusion that his vision for the US is being enacted. At the time of writing he was assinged to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, where he was responsible for 'future war'!

Read it on the Information Clearing House site and recoil in horror at the prospect that this mans students are now at the commanding heights within the US military and government departments such as the Dept. of Defense.

To my mind this future world is the natural outcome of the type of thinking which informed the Project for the New American Century.

It has though come to my attention that some supporters of the Project are now changing their minds.

Francis Fukuyama writes in the Guardian that the 'US needs to reframe it's policy not as a military campaign but as a political contest for hearts and minds.'
It's not that the man has ditched the neo conservative project in it's entirity, but the means by which it is achieved.
The US should according to him practise a benevolent hegemony rather than the aggressive type it has been practising. That would ensure American economic, political and cultural dominance.

What he fails to admit in his arguement is that there are many peoples who reject the way of life which results from the excercise of imperialist market economics. That's why the political situation in the South American continent is so threatening to the neo con agenda.

Are we just supposed to forgive and forget the crimes that have been committed in the names of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty?

Because we won't. We never believed that these were the reasons to begin with. It is about oil and the petro dollar. Many of us were not fooled and the truth is seeping out.

Watch this video from ICH. It is about an hour and half long but worth the watch. Calling on an impressive array of experts it discloses many of the lies and deceits which were devised as a justification for the Iraqi war.

Terry Davis, secretary general of the Council of Europe writes in the Guardian that yesterday the deadline passed for European contries to submit the information they have concerning the torture flights and secret detentions. He has asked the governments of the member states to explain which laws they have adopted to protect individuals form forced disappearances, secret dententions, and extraordinary rendtions to places where they can be exposed to cruel and inhuman and degrading treatment, but also how they have enforced these laws since January 1st 2000. He promises we will only have to wait days rather than weeks for the results.

In the meantime Jack Straw is really having the pressure applied regarding government knowledge of the torture flights. Peter Hain, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, all join with Germany's Angela Merkel call for the closure of Guantanamo Bay torture camp, one of the final destinations of the torture flights.

The Bush administration thinks otherwise. See here, and here.

Tony Bliar can only repeat that Guantanamo is an anomaly. With more and more leaks about US and UK abuses in Iraq and in the torture camps throughout the Middle East, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, it really does not seem to be anomalous at all, but an accepted and promoted practise. The Foreign Affairs Committee first report is highly critical read it here. The World at One, BBC News, interviewed the chairperson of this committee and played excerpts from Tony Bliar's weekly press meeting where he was questioned on Guantanamo and extraordinary renditions. You should be able to listen again. He sounds like he is getting quite annoyed with the constant questioning on these subjects. He like John Reid is asking for us all to be understanding of the measures used to win the war on terrorism. In other words, excuses are being offered and now local authorities in Iraq have withdrawn cooperation.

Recent disclosures by National air Traffic Services tell us that torture flight planes have travelled through British airspace about 200 times in the past 5 years. Read on the Independent, along with an article concerning a leaked Amnesty report which condems Britains Human Rights record. Amnesty concludes with the statement that detainees in Belmarsh are subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment
There have also been reports that bogus call signs have been used as a way of concealing the true nature of these disgusting flights.
Read more about the pressure on Jack Straw on the BBC site. Note there is a section on the right where you can have your say. Have a read at some of the comments. Contributions have come from all over the world. I am surprised though that the 'debate' has been closed and that you can no longer add a comment of your own. Surprising, in view of the fact that new reports are coming in and more are expected. Maybe the BBC will reopen the debate.

Another story concerning the use of the new anti terror laws here in Britain concerns the filmakers, actors and their real life counterparts, in the new movie The Road to Guantanamo. They were all detained at London Luton Airport on their return from the Berlin Film Festival . As Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve, who has represented some of the Guantanamo detainees says, 'This may be a farce, but it is an ugly farce. The film won a Silver Bear Award and will be screened on Channel 4 on March 9th. Not to be missed. Read more about this story and others on Craig Murray's site. Check out Craig's posting on Uzbekistan while you are there.

While many of us wonder how it is that American citizens can allow their president to acquire an unprecednted level of political power, we seemnot have noticed that something similar is happening here in Britain. The Mother of Parliaments is being robbed of it's voice. OUR voice. The proposed Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill could do away with debate, parliamentary procedures and even jury trials. Read about it here on the BBC news site.

I found an excellent resource in another blog. This one I reckon is from Ireland. The blogger has a good list of articles you can access. It's called Extraordinary Renderings.

Check out Indymedia Ireland. You will find information about a candlelight march that is planned for today at 5-o-clock. They want the torture flights to be boarded by the police, for the planes to be searched for radioactive weapons and for an end to the harrassment of peace activists at Shannon airport.

International Womens Day is on March 8th. CodePink a womens anti war group based in the US are calling on women from all over the world to protest on March 8th at US embassies. Lots of links and articles here too.
There is a list of events here and it includes events in London and in Belfast.
Other sites to visit concerning events are, SACC, Stop the War Edinburgh, Amnesty UK Scotland, and Indymedia Scotland.

Another site in Scotland to visit, has been set up by a group which helps asylum seekers who are facing removal. They need support. Positive Action In Housing can be found here.

Good article in The New Yorker.Don't miss this.

I began this post with an article from the War Academy Quarterly and am finishing it with another article from the excellent ICH. It is another writers nightmare. Check your Conscience at the Door:We're Building an Empire.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Torture Flights. Intelligent Design?

It is normal for project designers, when embarking on a grand scheme, to predict public opposition, and millions are spent in marketing the advantages of the project.
Meetings are conducted behind closed doors. After all, the success of the project depends, in part, on hiding the true costs from the public. Be those costs, economic, social or environmental. As with any grand project, modifications have to be made as the project proceeds. It may be that the conditions on the ground do not fit with the initial surveys. Opposition may be stronger than was predicted. The builders may not have the necessary equipment and materials to complete the construction within the projected timescale. Health and safety measures may be inadequate, wages low, few benefits and a prolonged period away from home, family and friends. The workers themselves may be treated badly and commitment to the project falters. Investigations commence, often prompted by revelations by media organisations. Corrupt practises and incompetence’s, uncovered. Supporters begin to question the wisdom of continued support. Managers lose their jobs or are moved to other less important projects. No one is held responsible but a scapegoat is found and someone says sorry for the mistakes.

But the people who commissioned the designers remain firm in their resolve to see the project complete and a newer marketing strategy is hastily put together.

The blueprint for this world crisis is available for us to read. I am referring to The Project for the New American Century. You will find it on the Information Clearing House site.
If you haven't read it before, I urge you now to waste no more time. Read it. Try to find the time to read this bit of research on the Project as well.

There are so many informative articles on the ICH.

The Urgency of Now: Stopping the war on Iran. for instance.

Intelligence,Policy, and the War in Iraq, for another. Ex CIA official, Paul. R. Pillar confirms that faulty intelligence was used to sell the Iraqi invasion to an already fearful American public. Read about it in the Washington Post. The 'cherry picked' intelligence, was not, he says, the basis for the war, but it was part of the marketing exercise.

In the meantime the Iraqi town of Siniyah has become a prison, trapping thousands of civilians inside. People cannot go to work and children can’t attend school. Life is dangerous.

How many more abuses do we have to witness. More importantly how many more abuses do people in the war zones and beyond have to endure?

How many more crimes will be committed in our name before the ‘coalition of the willing’ is willing no more?

The Bush Commission has heard the evidence. The worlds press reports daily accounts of human rights abuses. We see the pictures on our television screens.

We know about the disgraceful and shameful treatment of detainees in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, and Uzbekistan. We know about telephone tapping and mail interception, torture flights, the use of white phosphorus, and the results of the terrible assaults on Fallujah and Tel Afar,

But the Project continues.

All over the world, television companies are transmitting the images of 4 Iraqi youths being beaten up by British soldiers. The soundtrack is sickening. The sadistic pleasure is all too audible. The indifference of other soldiers who witness the beatings and pass by is just as disgusting. These are real children, real soldiers, real beatings, and real pain. If this is how hearts and minds are won it is a dismal failure and more importantly criminal and immoral.

The BBC has reported that the interim government in Basra has suspended communications with coalition forces.

But this is war, dirty and brutal, as every war has always been, and the US and UK, lead partners in the coalition of the willing, say the war must continue.

They keep repeating the same slogan; The War on Terror is for our security. No price is too high.

Millions of people worldwide horrified by the actualities of war are saying the war must stop. Every day, new voices are added to the millions who oppose the war on terror. Rose Gentle, Cindy Sheehan and other Gold Star Families for Peace, and Craig Murray, for instance.

A Scottish based Royal Air force officer, Flight-Lieutenant Michael Kendall-Smith, is taking the first step towards a court martial for refusing to return to Iraq on the grounds that the war is illegal.

US soldiers have fled to Canada and have set up a support group. Courage to Resist.

Like any project this war does get re-evaluated.

Read the statement of Christoff, the director in charge of Iraqi reconstruction. He presented his findings to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Very little has gone to plan.

The Project for the New American Century is not an ‘Intelligent Design’. Over 100,000 deaths are testament to that. Let alone the financial costs, which are now running into trillions.

How many families could have been rehoused after the Katrina hurricane? How many people could have been saved if the money had been spent on making the City of New Orleans secure before the hurricane?

How many schools built or medical centres or debt written off to struggling developing countries? How many hungry children could have been fed.

This war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan were always primarily about protecting and increasing American economic and political interests. Not the interests of the American peoples, but the interests of capital, financial and industrial. The war on terror has always been an ideological smokescreen every bit as deadly as the phosphorus and uranium tipped shells contaminating Iraqi land, poisoning the soil, the water and causing birth abnormalities.

Now the spectre of a nuclear-armed Iran is the new marketing tool to justify continued US and UK exploitation of another countries natural resources. Another deadly smokescreen that will result in even more horrors, more abuses, more terror. More men, women and children robbed of a future. More severely physically and psychologically injured casualties.

So. What’s to be done?

There are lots of different things that can be done. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do as long as you do something.

Write a letter, an e mail or a send a fax to your representative. Even if all you say is Stop the War.

Find out is there are any motions tabled in your parliament calling for an end to the wars or for police investigations into the torture flights. Urge your elected representatives to sign them.

Join a group, which is campaigning against the wars or the illegal kidnapping, detention and torturing of human beings.

It could be Amnesty, CND, SCND, Stop the War Coalition. There will be some type of campaigning group near you. Find it.

Sign petitions whenever they appear. Quite often the sites I have mentioned have one already waiting for your signature.

Write to you local press or Radio station. They are often looking for new people to correspond with them.

Send messages of solidarity to the detainees in Guantanamo through sites like Cage Prisoners and SACC

Look out for details of marches, and protests in the national and local media and in the independent sector like Indymedia.

Put a poster up in a window, lots of sites will let you download one. Make your own if you have no ink in your printer.

Look out for people leafleting in your town, join them and help.

Get a group of friends together and fly Liberty’s paper aeroplanes and let the local press know when and where.

Invite a speaker from one of the groups I’ve mentioned, to your local church group or social club, student union or any other group you belong to.

Join a political party that opposes these wars. Make your voice heard.

Don’t vote for a party that has supported these wars. But vote. The major political party’s rely on non-voters; apathy is one of the weapons in the warmongers’ arsenal.

Learn about non-violent direct action and civil disobedience. Keep it peaceful.

Participate in the movement for social change in some way.

Get yourself educated.

When I was a student, a long time ago, one of my tutors had a poem of Bertolt Brecht on his wall. It inspired me then. It may help to inspire you now.

By Bertolt Brecht

Praise of Learning

Learn the elementary things!

For those whose time has come

It is never too late!

Learn the ABC. It won't be enough,

But learn it! Don't be dismayed by it?

Begin! You must know everything.

You must lake over the leadership.

Learn, man in the asylum!

Learn, man in the prison!

Learn, woman in the kitchen!

Learn sixty year olds!

You must take over the leadership.

Seek out the school, you who are home


Acquire knowledge, you who shiver!

You who are hungry, reach for the book:

it is a weapon.

You must take over the leadership.

Don't be afraid to ask, comrade!

Don't be talked into anything.

Check for yourself!

What you do not know yourself

you don't know.

Scrutinize the bill,

it is you who must pay it.

Put your finger on each item,

ask: how did this get there ?

You must take over the leadership.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Torture Flights. Telling the Truth.

According to the Mirror newspaper another CIA plane dropped into the UK on Saturday. It was the RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk base.

Of course there is no way of knowing the purpose of the landing. It's hard to believe that the torture flights would still be using UK airports but there again the US and the UK have been pretty brazen about the use of torture as a legitimate means of gathering intelligence.

I hope the plane spotters are keeping their eyes peeled.

Whilst the world media, governments and the blogosphere debate the why's and the wherefores of cartoon depictions of an ancient and revered prophet, Craig Murray, a contemporary truthteller, has been obstructed in the publishing of his book, Murder in Samarkand.
The British Foreign and Commonwealth office is not keen on Craig’s book getting into print. Read about the changes that Craig was willing to make in accommodating the FCO's censorship.

But now Craig has decided to 'publish and be dammed'.

I hope that the British media will give this brave stand of his even half as much coverage as it has to the aforementioned published cartoon.

Craig has sent a message.

As you may know, I have written a book, now called Murder in Samarkand, about what I witnessed of our complicity with tyranny, torture and oil grab in the name of the War on Terror.

Strenuous attempts to clear my text with the government have failed, so we are going ahead without government clearance. No ex-civil servant is allowed to publish memoirs without clearance (so much for freedom of speech). That is a big risk for a publisher to take. I have found an excellent publisher, but they have a major parent company with a 50% ownership stake, and it is vital that we convince them that it is commercially worth the gamble.

I am therefore appealing to people to pre-order the book, which is available on www.amazon.co.uk or www.whsmith.co.uk. If you don’t want to make that up-front financial commitment, you can print out the details from the site, and take it in to a bookstore to order.

You might also consider if you know any institutions or libraries which might order.

I will, of course, make money from the book. But, frankly, after a year of campaigning on these issues with virtually no income, I am not shy about that. This is not a sell – we really do need the orders to be sure to get the truth out.


I will be buying your book Craig. I hope that there will be many others who do the same.

Now some info on the vigils that took place last weekend in Scotland.

You will find some photographs on the Scotland Against Criminalizing Communities site. You will be able to access the submission they made to the Parliamentary Committee on Control orders and a letter from a detainee.

Fly the Campaign Plane. Details at Liberty. They have a competition going to see who can come up with the most inventive place to fly your plane. You can download a template for printing out later or they will send you some

Good article in Seven Days The Mag with the Sunday Herald. Taking Politicians at their words.

There's also an article by one of my favourite authors Kurt Vonnegut. In fact there are two. Second one here. Give them a read.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Torture Flights. Another leak hits the headlines.

The leak this time is about a discussion between Bush and Blair regarding starting the war in Iraq. It reads to me like they would have been happy to provoke Saddam Hussein. Information Clearing House covers ths leak.
The Guardian also has an article on the White House leak as well as an article about soldiers who are suing the MOD for the way their lives have been blighted by the injuries they suffered in the Iraqi war.

Good article in the Guardian. It's capitalism or a habitable planet- you can't have both. by Robert Newman .

I agree with that and I don't believe that we will ever have a peaceful planet while the capitalist way of doing business dominates.

The St. Petersburgh Times explains why detainee abuse by CIA operatives and civilian contractors manage to avoid criminal prosecution.
Several good articles in the SSP paper the Voice. I'd start with the front page which is about the death of the 100th British troop in Iraq. Ther's also a good contribution from Morag Balfour, Gie's Peace.

Listen to Craig Murray amongst others including Harry Belafonte give his evidence at the Bush Commission

Remember to visit the Scotland Against Criminalising Communites site for info on the vigils this weekend at Scottish airports. While therehave a read at John Pilgers article on Blairs Bombs.